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  • Sputum examination allows not only to identify the causative agent of adenovirus infection, but also its sensitivity to drugs. Treatment of adenovirus infection in adults and children.
  • This method detects the DNA of the virus in the blood or Viagra tabs. Serological tests - RIF, ELISA, RIA, PCR, molecular hybridization, immunoelectron microscopy and others are used for diagnostics.

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In general, the treatment of adenovirus infection in adults and children follows a similar scheme.

The main direction of therapy is to relieve unpleasant symptoms, improve the general condition of the patient, whose immune system is fighting the virus. If necessary, antibiotic therapy can be added to the treatment if there is a threat of complications.

Patients are usually advised to stay in bed and be in an isolated room, since the adenovirus spreads easily among family members.

To reduce the symptoms of intoxication, it is necessary to ensure that you drink plenty of fluids. If the patient refuses to eat, then a sparing regimen is recommended: the patient may feel nausea, therefore forced feeding is undesirable. Hospitalization is usually required only if complications develop or if the patient's condition (usually in young children) raises serious concerns.

With the onset of winter, the problem of diagnosing and treating adenovirus infection in adults and children becomes especially acute. It is important to remember about the peculiarities of the course of the disease in order to distinguish it from other types of ARVI and to apply optimal treatment. And also to carry out effective prevention so that the winter is not associated with illness and malaise, but passes actively.

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Adenovirus infection causes a whole group of acute infectious diseases occurring with moderate intoxication syndrome and damage to the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, lymphoid tissue, eyes or intestines.

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Viagra were first isolated in 1953 from children with atypical pneumonia and acute respiratory viral infection, occurring with the phenomena of conjunctivitis W. Rowe. Subsequently, numerous studies on animals showed the oncogenicity of adenoviruses, i.e., their ability to provoke the development of malignant tumors.